ANT — Answer'N'Time Recorder

An application for measuring time and recording answers at Trail orienteering timed controls.

It is available in version for marshals (marshal clicks the answers, timer is displayed) and for competitors (competitor clicks the answers, no timer displayed, map may be included on the screen). It can run on tablets and smartphones.

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Version 4

This is the Android version; it should run on Android versions from API 14 (Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.0.1) to 25 (Nougat, 7.1).

This is primarily just a measuring device for the marshals (instead of using of stopwatches running very often also on phones :-). The main advantage for the marshals is that they have just one item in hands during measuring, they need not to keep in mind watching the time limit and time warning, they don't forget to stop watches after the last answer, don't forget to record everything and if they forget something, the device keeps it saved. See some pictures from measuring and screenshots.

Then, there is a possibility to upload the result files from the device to a computer - either locally (bluetooth, USB, WiFi) - or to a web server and to process them further there. The upload can be also configured as automatic, then the data is uploaded to the server after each competitor immediately after saving it locally. Thus, the results can be published really on-line (like at WTOCs 2016 and 2017 and ETOC 2018).

Uploading data to this server bring also another advantage, you can get easily a detail analysis of competitors' answering.

The competitor version is still experimental since it is not fully covered by the rules. In this version, marshal just prepares the device for a competitor, who has then full responsibility for the correctness of the answers. The device (tablet) can also display the maps, so just map images are required to be prepared by planner (no rotation, printing, binding etc.).

Version 3

This is the Windows version.