ANT — Answer'N'Time Recorder

An Android application for trail orienteering...
  • timed control time keeping and answers recording,
  • classic course (Pre-O) punching on fixed start/punch/finish devices,
  • classic course (Pre-O) punching on a mobile electronic card,
  • ToePunch system read-out and clearing point.


Application help



Version 4 is an Android application; it should run on smartphones and tablets with Android, tested on versions from 4.2 (API 17, Jelly Bean) to 14 (API 34).
It facilitates event preparation and organization and gives competitors a chance to really instant results.
You can look at a list of events where ANT was used.

ANT can run in several modes:

Tool for timed control marshals
A marshal at a timed control can use an Android device for timekeeping and answer recording. The main advantage for the marshals is that they have just one item in hands during measuring, they need not to keep in mind watching the time limit and time warning, they don't forget to stop watches after the last answer, don't forget to record everything and if they forget something, the device keeps it saved.
In this mode, ANT was used e.g. at WTOCs 2016 – 2019 and ETOCs 2018 – 2022.
See some pictures from measuring and screenshots.
There is also an experimental competitor version (i.e. competitors click answers by themselves on a device with a map).
Mobile electronic card
ANT can be used as an e-card, a replacement of a paper punching card. Competitors carry a device and register their answers on it.
This mode is suitable namely for sprint courses.
You can test it in the application if you select an appropriate sample (" competitor card").
Start/Punch/Finish device
The next option is using ANT as a punch at the start, finish and several punching stations along the course. Competitors identify themselves by typing their name/start number, or by an NFC chip and then select a task to answer and an anwer letter. The same way they register coming to the finish.
ToePunch system read-out point
In races where the ToePunch system is used, ANT can serve as the chips read-out point.
Result files in all modes can be uploaded to a computer - either locally (bluetooth, USB, WiFi) - or to a web server and to process them further there. The upload can be also configured as automatic, then the data is uploaded to the server after each competitor immediately after saving it locally. I version 4.10, ANT can calculate preliminary results directly on a marshal's device and publish them using a WiFi hotspot on it. Thus, the results can be really on-line.

Uploading timed control results to ANT server brings also another advantage, you can get easily a detail analysis of competitors' answering.


Google Play:
Application APKs:


During the installation, system might warn you about a risk. Don't trust it. Here you have a list of permissions needed by ANT with explanation.

This server can be used as a storage of your configuration files. Particular link is hardcoded in ANT, for arranging your event on the server, write me a mail. Your event will be then included in the event list on ANT devices.

This server can be used as a storage of uploaded result files. Particular link is hardcoded in ANT, for arranging your event on the server, write me a mail. Real competition data can be protected by an authenticated access before and during the event; then they can be published.

If you want to make your own upload script on a server, here is an ANT output sample, results format description, and protocol description.

Instructions and a checklist for organisers.