ANT screenshots

Screens usually seen by marshals



Competitor selection

Instructions for competitors

Registering answers

Stopping timer

Result confirmation

Result saving report

Screens sometimes seen by marshals

Correcting result in case of marshal error

Result files page for reviewing/uploading results

Reviewing result file

Result files upload configuration

Startlist loading and viewing

Problem reporting

ANT Master Server

Competitors selfservice, with maps

Map included on the screen in portrait mode,
rotated and completed by ANT

Map included on the screen in portrait mode,
prepared by TiM

Map included on the screen in landscape mode, prepared by TiM

Punching by competitors on mobile card

Task selection

Answer selection

Punching by competitors at punching stations

Competitor identification

Task selection

Answer selection

Saving result

Screens typically seen only by organisers

Basic Event configuration

INI file source configuration

Advanced Event configuration

Event selection from server

Stations configuration